Hello From Earl

Getting Under Way Carving Wood and Rustic Furniture!

Yes! Believe me, I can hardly stop myself long enough to do this
end of the fun telling these kind of stories.  My wife says I have
a gift to gab but, someone has to tell the story!

Earl with Soaring Eagle and chainsaw

Earl with Soaring Eagle and chainsaw

From searching in the woods, to loading the logs on the trailer and
truck; from this point, my thoughts are already engaged as to what
this particular small or large, with or without branches and bark can
or should be carved, cut or whittled to be as a final showroom piece
of art.  Some of the logs go to a nearby sawmill.  I have a friend
who owns and runs the sawmill with long time experience.  I enjoy
working with him to cut these logs to lumber to all thicknesses and
lengths.  He is the greatest to help find the best position to place
the log on his giant saw.   Note:   This is of the utmost importance
to find and bring out the most beautiful wood grain possible.  As we
all know, this relates to the quality of a specialty piece of

It is often hard to decide which log to carve and which should go to
the sawmill to turn into lumber for furniture. Other times, it is
obvious, immediately, what to carve to create a new wildlife

Through my experience, talking with people, bears and eagles are most
desirable.  I have carved more of these wild life shapes than any
other with all shapes, sizes, and poses.

Once you set a spell to look through my pictures, I’m sure you can
come up with some of your own ideas.  I thoroughly enjoy new ways to
build furniture.  It seems I have too many ideas at the same time.
This can be a problem.  Now I have to decide which to apply  to the
wood, and what is being built.  One of my main goals is to keep in
mind  structural integrity without compromising a desirable design.
Please remember, I  believe I have a good sales pitch.  There is no
reason, that with only reasonable respect, what I create should not
be passed on to many generations as a very desirable family heirloom

It’s pretty hard for me to get bored with carvings or furniture.  I
feel I am always falling short of time to apply these many ideas.

I have plans to monthly tell you of new carvings and furniture.  I
get excited just to imagine what I can build or create from a
newfound hunk of wood.
One time, a friend offered me a downed tree for my art work. I
responded gratefully, and asked him why he hadn’t seen this eagle
before this time.  Sometime later, I returned to show my friend the
eagle that had been on his wooded lot for many, many years.  He told
me he still had never seen it before this.

My hopes are that people want me to create something very
personalized for them.  I know you must have many ideas of your own
Different people’s ideas and mine together, often create super
creations and this is one other way I find great pleasure and fun in
what I do.   When you look at some of the pictures of  my past work,
this may light up new ideas.  I have pride in every carving and piece
of furniture.  If not, I feel I have to keep working on it.
Sometimes it only takes a little more detail or a small change.  I
call it “The WOW factor”.   When people see my product, their eyes
open wider and the word “WOW” just seems to fall out.  To me, that’s
the same as a good   “atta-boy, Earl”, which is also equal to a pat
on the back from dad.  That’s all I need to encourage me to do more
and better.

So, answer me this:  How long has rustic furniture and carvings been
around?  Do you believe these will ever be of lesser want, need,
desire, or demand?  You know what I believe, but only time will tell.

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