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Have you purchased some of our products? Perhaps you saw us at a show and had a chance to sit in the King of the Woods Mac Daddy Rustic Rocker? We would love for you CLICK HERE and let us know what you think!

Ken Says:   I purchased furniture from Earl for my wife and we are always getting “wows” on the great job he does and how meticulous his work is. We now have at least 6 pieces of his furniture in our home that add to our rustic look that we like so very much. Thank you Earl for the good work and keep on carving.

Larry Says: I was remodeling my fireplace and had been shopping for a rustic mantle. After searching online and shopping around for a while I could not find what I was looking for. I remembered seeing Earl's work at one of his shows and gave him a call to see if he could help me. I went to his shop with my wife and could not believe all the different types of wood that he had to offer. We picked out a slab of cedar with a beautiful wood grain, with the bark showing on the edge. Earl cut it to my specifications and also made the corbels to support the mantle. In addition he suggested adding some art work of bears on one side of the corbel and deer on the other. They were beautifully done and also were painted. My wife and I could not have been more pleased. If you look at the Rustic Home & Office Decor section of his website you will see a couple of quilt racks that he had custom made for us. They know grace our home and they look fantastic. he also made us a custom made Television Stand for our 52 inch flat screen. he added shelves to accommodate my surround sound system and satellite receiver. What a beautiful piece of furniture. Earl is a fine craftsman and artist and I would recommend his work to anyone that wants quality rustic furniture that will last for generations.

Says:  Wow, I can’t believe how realistic these are. You are truly gifted and I am so glad you are continuing your work. My personal favorite is the bear, and one of the smaller rocking chairs on your website. Thanks for sharing these great photos with us. I’ve certainly never seen anything like this before. (referred by Kathy, enthusiasm by me!)

Shar Says:  I sat in this great chair and wanted to bring it home. It wouldn’t fit in my vehicle though. I’m sure he would notice a moving van if I tried to sneak it out.

Angie Says:  That is the neatest chair I have ever seen! Your work is amazing!

Diane Says: Earl - your work is amazing, just like your wife.....

Lisa Says: Being from Alabama most of my favorite childhood memories were spent in the outdoors. Earl's website took me right back to those wonderful days when my mother would take me to visit my grandparents. We would sit on the porch in rocking chairs, then my paw paw would take me down to the creek where we would sit on logs to fish and then later around a camp fire to roast marshmallows. Mind you the rocking chairs and logs we were sitting on were nothing as nice as what Earl is carving out. I love everything about Earl's work and the state of mind that it puts me in. The country girl, starting today will be saving her pennies to buy some of Earl's outdoor furniture. I really enjoyed checking out your site.
Lisa W. Talladega, AL

Pam Says:  I purchased an eagle a few days ago, I love it. I would have loved to have the eagle with the trout, the Michigan table and bar stools and so much more. Those items ill have to wait, I will start saving my money and hopefully someday the eagle with the trout will be mine. Earl, your work is beautiful. Hopefully I will have more pieces in the future.

Mark Says

I’ve got to tell you…I have seen a lot of carvings in my day but, Earls are a true a masterpiece! One of a Kind!
Earl and his wife Mary Ann are truly great spirits in this world and their artwork is a testimony for the love of this life on earth.
In fact he is now building our displays for the new “Smokey Bear Campfire pokers”.
We used to be The Smokey Pokey but we were promoted thanks in part to Earls masterpiece artwork and The US Forest Service. You will now see Earls display artwork Nationwide as we present them in the two largest National camping shows in the USA. We will be showing off his work at the National ARVC and KOA campground vendors shows in November 2009 in Orlando Florida and Woodlands Texas!

Thanks Earl and Mary Ann and keep up the great work!
Mark Loucks/COE Campmasters

We found these 2 post on Craigslist!

Check out this awesome website. www.carvingsandmore.net
This guy does the most detailed awesome work I've seen in a long time.
Give him a call to schedule a time you can go see him in person and check out all of his work.
We have one of his bears and just love it.
He not only does wonders with wood.... he and his wife are wonderful people.
Check it out...

and ...

I was so surprised to see this! I have one of his benches that I use as a coffee table! And the other poster is right he and his wife are wonderful and his work is AWESOME! .... A Must See!!

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